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JK Wrangler ActionCamper 365 - overlanding pop-up camper
The ActionCamper© is developed for overlanding and expeditions; the integrated upper sleeping area will give you a comfortable and an unforgettable expedition experience to remote areas; the roof tent has 3 openings with bug screens and covers; the mattress, and pillows have cleanable covers; the hardtop inside is covered with carpet; the front and rear openings in the bed area allow access from the front seats and the trunk area, and are covered with two each plywood panels; these panels have large holes to allow air circulation/heating from the bottom; an optional telescopic ladder or our door step and cowling catwalk allow accesss through on of the 3 tent openings; in each front corner is a double USB 3.1 plug with voltmeter, 2 gooseneck LED lamps can be pluged in there.
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